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Shark 3pc Heat and Cut Glove Kit

Shark 3pc Heat and Cut Glove Kit
Shark 3pc Heat and Cut Glove Kit

Handle the hot stuff with ease with these rugged gloves. Safe up to 650F degrees, the exterior layer of the glove creates a thermal insulator around your hand to slow the temperature increase that your hand would experience without it. The exterior is flame resistant and tough enough to handle hot surfaces, while the inside is made of soft double-knit cotton. Perfect for use in and out of the kitchen, Shark Gloves help protect your fingers and hands from thorny gardening and construction projects to kitchen prepping, slicing and dicing. 



What You Get

·         Oven glove

·         2 Shark cutting gloves

·         2 Sets of instructions

·         Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

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